Basil in a hanging basket

by Caroline

Basil in a hanging basket

Basil in a hanging basket

Basil is quite easy to grow in pots indoors if you have a warm, sunny place for it - it does well on kitchen window ledges or in conservatories. Basil likes lots of sun!

It also does well indoors in a hanging basket (you can see the sort of thing I mean in my photo.)

Hanging baskets are a great way to grow basil even if you have enough outdoor space to be able to plant it in the ground.

In fact, I think hanging baskets are actually a better way to grow basil than putting it in the soil; they keep it off the ground and stop it being eaten by slugs.

We hang ours on the little terrace outside our kitchen door - that way it's easy to pick all through the summer when we need it to go with our tomato salads!

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