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You can use the form below to ask your houseplant questions. I'll do my best to answer within a day or two. If I don't know the answer, maybe another Indoor Gardener will. Or I'll search until I find the information you need.

Feel free to include a photo - it may even end up as an illustration on one of's pages! (With credit given to you, of course.)

I'll publish your questions and my answers after editing them for spelling, grammar, sequence, and sense. If you don't want your first name published, just let me know and you can sign it Anonymous.

For plant identification questions: There will soon be a separate form for this; in the meantime, you can send the photos using this form. I must admit, I'm not the best person on identifying houseplants from photographs, but I'll give it my best shot. Maybe another Indoor Gardener visiting the site will be able to help.

To ask your question, please fill out the form below And come back soon to read the answers! There are lots of new pages in the works, so please bookmark us or subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking on the orange RSS button at the top of the Navbar on the left. You don't have to use your email, and you'll be informed every time new info is added to the site!

Do You Have Questions
About Houseplants?

Here's your chance to ask your houseplant questions. Please share them with other visitors to so we can all learn together and share information and expertise.

There are no dumb questions, so ask away!

What Other Indoor Gardeners Have Asked and Answered

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How to Shape a Philodendron 
I am trying to copy a heart shaped leaf philodendron that was wrapped to have a total uniform appearance - just gorgeous. Any ideas?

Philodendron Watering Schedule 
How often should I water my philodendron?

What will Grow in a Dark, Warm Room? 
I would like to have a few houseplants in my bedroom, but I'm not sure what plants would suit the environment. 1) no windows 2) warm room 3) artificial …

Dracaena Fragrans Stalk Growth 
My question is about how do Dracaena Fragrans grow. Will they just grow from the shoots? Or will the stalk part grow as well, even though they've been …

Horizontal Cracks 
What causes horizontal cracks in leaves? I've seen these on several different kinds of plants including English ivy and my rubber tree.

How to care for Hoya carnosa? 
We have three Hoya Carnosa (teardrops) plants which are very old but keep growing and flowering. They are getting too big with lots of new long shoots. …

What type of plant is this? 
I'm assuming this is an aloe plant but I'm not sure what type it is. If anyone can help me answer this, as well as provide some advice with how to care …

Pet Problems with Ficus Tree 
What do I do about my ficus which seems to be dying after my cat peed in the soil?

Plant Care Health for Persian Shield 
Why is my Persian Shield producing flowers, but no leaves? The plant was grown outside during the summer and dug up and brought in for the winter. There …

How can I save these plants? 
I just took a Bird of Paradise off the hands of a friend of mine who hadn't been taking very good care of it. The stalks are droopy as a result of a lack …

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