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Plants Poisonous to Dogs

Here's all the information an Indoor Gardener with a dog needs to know about plants poisonous to dogs to keep both plants and pets safe at home.

Continue reading "Plants Poisonous to Dogs"

Foxtail Ferns

Foxtail Ferns, a variety of Asparagus Fern, tempts the Indoor Gardener with its lush color and architectural shape. Here's what you need to grow it successfully.

Continue reading "Foxtail Ferns"

Toxic Houseplants and Pets

There are many toxic houseplants the Indoor Gardener with pets should avoid. Dr. Wismer, veterinarian with the ASPCA, offers the Indoor Gardener important information.

Continue reading "Toxic Houseplants and Pets"

Poison Control Centers

Search these links for poison control centers near you. Every Indoor Gardener with a child or pet should have this number handy.

Continue reading "Poison Control Centers"

Plants Poisonous to Dogs List

Here's a list of plants poisonous to dogs that the Indoor Gardener who owns a dog can keep handy and avoid.

Continue reading "Plants Poisonous to Dogs List"

Plants Poisonous to Cats

The Indoor Gardener with a cat needs to know there are many plants poisonous to cats. Here's the info to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Continue reading "Plants Poisonous to Cats"

Pet Safety Tips

Including pet safety tips and lists about houseplants that are poisonous and safe for your dog or cat, as well as information direct from an ASPCA Veterinarian.

Continue reading "Pet Safety Tips"

Chia Cat Grass

Share your indoor gardening with your pet by planting Chia cat grass. Felines, dogs, and even pet rabbits will be happy - and more likely to leave your other houseplants alone!

Continue reading "Chia Cat Grass"

Cat Safe Houseplants

The Indoor Gardener with pets needs to know what the cat safe houseplants are. Here's the information you're looking for.

Continue reading "Cat Safe Houseplants"

Cat Safe Houseplants List

Here's a list of cat safe houseplants for the Indoor Gardener.

Continue reading "Cat Safe Houseplants List"


Appearing like a cloud of tiny moths, whiteflies are garden pests that are hard to get rid of. Here's what the Indoor Gardener needs to know for healthy, happy houseplants.

Continue reading "Whiteflies"


What to do if your houseplants are attacked by thrips, among the common garden pests faced by the Indoor Gardener.

Continue reading "Thrips"


Springtails are included under garden pests even though they don't hurt house plants. The Indoor Gardener still needs to know how to get rid of these nuisance bugs.

Continue reading "Springtails"

Spider Mites

Spider mites are among the most common garden pests to plague the Indoor Gardener. Here's how to find them and stop them in their tracks.

Continue reading "Spider Mites"

Scale Insects

Among the hard-to-find garden pests are the scale insects, both soft and armored. Here's info for the Indoor Gardener to emerge triumphant in this battle.

Continue reading "Scale Insects"

Mealy Bugs

At some point, almost every Indoor Gardener comes up against dreaded mealy bugs. Here's how to identify and conquer these common garden pests.

Continue reading "Mealy Bugs"

Fungus Gnats

Here you'll find all the Indoor Gardener needs to know to identify and eradicate fungus gnats, one of the most common garden pests.

Continue reading "Fungus Gnats"


How to identify aphids and what to do once you find them. The Indoor Gardener guide to one of the most common garden pests.

Continue reading "Aphids"