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Come on in to the Indoor Gardener pages where you can share your houseplant-raising experiences through stories and photos with others who also enjoy your passion.

Feel free to ask questions; answer questions; and talk about the good, the bad, and the dirty of growing house plants. This is where we understand!

Here's a list of pages where you can add your own words, questions, and photographs of your houseplants.

New opportunities are being added to the website regularly.

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List of Pages
Where You Can Particiapte

Share your herb photos and stories.

If you're cooking with fresh herbs, check out and add recipes to this page.

Tell us how you're growing ferns and add your fern photos here.

Do you grow Chia herbs? Share your stories with other visitors to the site.

Do collect antique garden tools? Looking for some? Let us know how you found them and how you use them.

Raising a cat as well as house plants? Share your experiences with other cat-owners.

You can always share your stories and photos through the form below, as well.

I look forward to seeing your participation on the pages of the website!

Your Indoor Garden
Stories and Photos

Do you have stories or photos about your houseplants? Do you have general questions about being an Indoor Gardener?

Feel free to share them here. Other visitors to would love to hear your stories and see your photos!

Stories and Photos
from other Indoor Gardeners

Click below to see contributions from other Indoor Gardeners...

Plants Growing on Desk - Office Gardening 
This would have been the 1970's and I don't have any photos. Back then, it was all the rage to have a plant on your desk at work. After months of …

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