Plant an Indoor
Organic Herb Garden

The benefits of planting an indoor organic herb garden are important to you and your family.

As an Indoor Gardener, you most likely have the garden so you can be cooking with fresh herbs as well as using them for decorative garnishes on your plates.

When you cook with your fresh produce, you're adding a lot of health to your diet.

Fresh herbs provide vitamins (A, C, B-complex, and more), folic acid, a variety of minerals, and those wonderful antioxidants.

You don't want to dilute all that goodness with chemicals and pollutants.

There are no extra steps in growing your herbs organically. Just start out with the right products.

Photo of Indoor Herb Garden Oregano

You may need to order online if your local nurseries and plant shops don't carry them.

Recently, though, I've noticed it's a lot easier to find soils and plant food of all kinds labeled "organic." Just check out the small print - sometimes their idea of its meaning and yours don't quite jive.

If you're not already growing organic herbs indoors, here's what you need to set one up quickly and easily:

  • Organic soil

  • Organic seeds

  • Organic plant food, fertilizer, or mulch

  • Filtered or purified water

  • Terracotta/clay containers

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You're going to need to clip your herbs
for use as well as to keep them
growing thick and healthy.
These Zyliss Herb Snippers

do the job beautifully!
Click the link or image to read more about them
and order a pair for your indoor organic herb garden.

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