Indoor Garden Supplies

Necessities, Desires, and Space

An Indoor Gardener needs surprisingly few indoor garden supplies to maintain healthy houseplants.

Unless, of course, you grow exotics, like orchids, or something high-maintenance, like bonsai, which have specialized tools and supply requirements.

While necessities are few for common indoor plants, what you might want to keep on hand for them can grow into an extensive list.

Much of your decision will be based on space. For instance, urban small apartment dwellers can purchase soil in small, one- or two-use bags while those gardening inside a multi-room dwelling can save money buying much larger bagged quantities and storing them in an extra closet.

Just the Basics
for Common Houseplants

The short list for the supplies you'll want to keep on hand to maintain healthy common houseplants consists of:

  • Clippers

  • Small spade or large spoon

  • Indoor Gardening Supples Water Sprayer

  • Watering can or plastic jug

  • Plant food

  • Measuring cup devoted to your houseplants

  • Small amount of soil for topping off

  • Trays (or plates) for drainage

  • Spray water bottle

  • Small trellises

  • Florist wire or tape

  • 10x magnifying glass for garden pests detection

  • Insecticide

Additional Supplies
if You Have Space

  • Potting soils

  • Containers for potting up and transplanting

  • Indoor Garden Supplies - Watering Can

  • Fertilizer

  • Vermiculite or Perlite

  • Pebbles

  • Spaghnum moss

  • Extra drainage trays

  • Root tool

  • Plant labels or stakes

  • Garden gloves

  • Water meters/bulbs

  • Grow lights

  • Indoor hoses

  • Planter accessories

Special and Exotic Houseplants
and Their Needs

If you're growing orchids, bonsai, or other exotic houseplants, you'll need more extensive and specialized equipment.

Miniature tools for bonsai are sold separately or in sets. Planters, pebbles, and wire made for the purpose are needed, as well. Hydroponic, terrariums, or aquatic gardening each has its own supply list. These will all be covered on the pages devoted to each garden type.

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