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Indoor Gardener Home Page

Your indoor gardening source of information for success.

Garden Calendar for Houseplants

A garden calendar specifically compiled to help the Indoor Gardener maintain healthy, happy houseplants - year round, season by season.





Houseplant Care

Here's the information on how to care for your house plants so that they stay healthy, happy, and lush.

Care for Houseplants before Your Vacation

Indoor Gardening Gifts

Everything you need to know to choose great indoor gardening gifts for non-gardeners as well as another Indoor Gardener. Including garden calendar, antique garden tools, and more!

Antique Garden Tools

Garden Calendar Gifts

Indoor Garden Figurines /Animal Garden Sculpture

Indoor Herb Garden Gift


Descriptions of individual ferns, as well as care, life cycle information, and how to propagate. Photos and scientific info add to what you need to know to grow healthy, happy ferns indoors. There's always new plants being added to this section, so check back often.

Asparagus Fern

Button Fern

Foxtail Fern

Lemon Button Fern

Rabbit Foot / Wart Fern

Fern Life Cycle - Overview

Fern Life Cycle - In Depth

Your Fern Stories

Indoor Herb Garden

All the how-to you need to grow fresh, healthy herbs indoors. There's also a great opportunity to share your favorite home-grown-herb recipes.

Chia Herb Garden

Chia Cat Grass

Indoor Organic Herb Garden

Indoor Italian Herb Garden

How to Grow Your Indoor Italian Herb Garden

Your Herb Photos

Share Your Fresh Herb Recipes

Pet Safety Tips

Including pet safety tips and lists about houseplants that are poisonous and safe for your dog or cat, as well as information direct from an ASPCA Veterinarian.

Toxic House Plants and Your Pets

Cat Safe Houseplants

List of Cat Safe Houseplants

Plants Poisonous to Cats

Plants Poisonous to Dogs

List of Plants Poisonous to Dogs

Chia Cat Grass

Poison Control Centers

Indoor Garden Supplies

The Indoor Gardener Blog

Ask Your Houseplant Questions

Your Indoor Gardening Stories and Photos

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