Indoor Herb Garden Gift

Whether it's the holidays or a birthday, a housewarming or a simple thank-you, an Indoor Herb Garden Gift is a delightful and thoughtful surprise for those who like houseplants as well as those who like to cook.

Fresh herbs are a joy to use. A lot of plant grows in a little pot.

As long as there's a window in the kitchen so they receive natural light, they're also low maintenance.

Clipping them for use increases their growth. A quick rinse; a crumble, crush, or a few chops with a knife, and they add not only taste but a fresh, irresistible aroma to the meal.

Most herbs are good for sauces, poultry, roasts, stews, fish, soups, or fresh salads.

Added toward the end or just after cooking, the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they provide remain strong.

Not only do they taste good, contain no or very few calories, and smell wonderful - they're also good for you! Health is the best gift you could give!

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Choosing an Indoor Herb Garden Gift

Choosing Plants as an Indoor Herb Garden Gift

If you like to shop, or if you're an Indoor Gardener yourself, picking and choosing among the multitude of herbs could be a fun outing for you. Remember to start someone off with the basics, such as oregano, basil, parsley, and chives.

As an alternative, if you already grow herbs yourself, find some small, pretty pots and start new plants from yours. Just remember to get them going early enough so the clipping can mature into plants before you tie a ribbon around them and give them away.

If you don't like shopping or planting but want an indoor herb garden gift for someone who will appreciate it, you can find different combinations of culinary herbs all boxed up and ready to grow.

These often come as sets of three or four plants, but you can find them with up to 20 different herbs. Included in most sets are:

  • pots
  • soil
  • planting tray
  • seeds
Multiple-Pot for an Indoor Herb Garden Gift

You can even find herbs already growing in pretty little gift bags. The price of kits is determined at least partly by the quality of the container and the number of herbs.

Another way to choose your gift is by the herbs' purpose: herbs are grouped for tea, medicinal, or culinary. The latter is sometimes specific, such as Italian indoor herb garden, French herb garden, etc.

Herb kits and single choices are easily available at most garden centers, large home-improvement shops, and through the Internet.

A final benefit to giving an indoor herb garden gift is that - if you're lucky - you might be invited to dinner to sample the harvest!

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