Growing Ferns - Your Experience
and Your Fern Pictures

If you're an Indoor Gardener who loves growing ferns, please share your stories, expertise, and fern pictures with other visitors to the site. We'd love to hear what you have to say about growing ferns indoors - the good, the bad, and the ugly!

We can all learn from each other's expertise, and each other's mistakes (like my story of mistaken identity about my Lemon Button Fern).

You don't even have to sign your full name, so no one will know it's you if you don't want them to.

And if you've found some favorite types of ferns to grow indoors, let us know that, too.

I'm always looking for great fern pictures to add to the pages of I'm happy to give credit right on the photo itself. If you'd rather just share it here, that's fine too, but please note that on the form when you send it in.

Also, I'm starting to compile a list of great books for the Indoor Gardener, so if you can write up a short review about a book on indoor ferns (or any other houseplants), I can include it with your byline (or anonymously if you prefer).

Please fill out the form below - you can even use it to ask questions about ferns or how to take better pictures of them.

Remember to label your photos with the type of fern and your name and location if you'd like your info included on the website.

Are You an Indoor Fern Gardener?
Do You Have Pictures of Your Ferns?

Do you have stories or information you can recount about growing ferns? What's your favorite indoor fern? What's your least favorite? Why?

What's the easiest fern you've grown? The hardest?

Please send your fern pictures along with labels and comments, too!

Feel free to share your expertise - and foibles - with other visitors to so we can all learn together.

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If you're serious about growing ferns - or someone you know is - a membership and subscription to the American Fern Society and their magazine is just about essential. Keep up with new varieties to grow, techniques for planting, and how to maintain health for your ferns. The magazine provides info for both indoor and outdoor enthusiasts.

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