Garden Calendar Gifts

For Your Favorite Indoor Gardener

A garden calendar is a sure-fire winner of a gift for an Indoor Gardener. Someone who grows houseplants usually enjoys greenery of all kinds.

Even though an indoor plant calendar would be ideal, they're rare. Still, you can't go too wrong with any garden or plant calendar.

You can find calendars for the next New Year almost as soon as this year's confetti has settled.

Of course, once fall comes, the stores fill with an overabundance of selections.

Don't wait too long, though - your favorites may be gone soon!

Here's all the information you need to make the right choice.

2012 Calendar from

The 2012 Calendar for your wall
features 12 house plants from Batya's own collection.
Each month has a short list of to-dos
to help keep your indoor garden happy and healthy.
As well as plenty of room to keep notes about watering, fertilizing,
and the appearance - and eradication - of pesky garden pests.

A great gift for anyone who has - or just dreams of - an indoor garden!

What's Available

There's a multitude of choices wherever calendars are sold. Chain bookstores have racks full, as do dedicated stands or shops in malls. Take a look through with your friend or relative in mind:

  • Single plant varieties, such as Heirloom roses

  • A single type of plant, such as bonsai or herbs

  • A wrapped box with a garden calendar inside.

  • Historic and tourist gardens, such as those put out by botanic gardens or historic homes that boast large gardens

  • Historic period, such as Victorian gardens

  • Artistic works, with anything from realistic to stylized flowers and plants

  • Fine-art photography, from close-ups to landscapes

  • Whimsical or mythological gardens, such as drawings from The Secret Garden

  • Local areas, such as Southern Gardens or The Gardens of Southern Spain

  • Some State or local garden clubs or plant societies produce their own garden calendars, often as fundraising endeavors

Making Your Choice

Think about the following before making your purchase:

  • Consider the space available and the use to which you think your gift will be put. Will your friend or relative rather have a:

    • wall calendar
    • miniature size for the wall
    • office desk appropriate
    • pocket-size
    • home desktop
    • Internet calendar (often free, downloadable)

  • Do you know their preferences?

    • flowering plants or cacti?
    • formal gardens or wild area?
    • abstract art or photography?
    • chore reminders or relaxing beauty?

  • Have they just moved to a new area; if so, maybe a local garden calendar would be most helpful.

As with all gifts, take the recipient's preferences and needs into account. With so much to choose from, it's certain you'll be able to find the perfect garden calendar for your favorite Indoor Gardener - whether for the holidays, for a birthday, or just as an I-appreciate-you kind of gift.

And while you're looking, you might just find something you can't resist for yourself.

For a useful, online calendar developed specifically for the Indoor Gardener, check out's seasonal pages.

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