Plant Care Health for Persian Shield

by Maureen Ellen
(New Jersey)

Why is my Persian Shield producing flowers, but no leaves? The plant was grown outside during the summer and dug up and brought in for the winter. There are flowers constantly forming and blooming along the stem, but basically no leaves.

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Plant Care Help for Persian Shield
by: Batya

The Persian Shield, Strobilanthes dyerianus, tends to have a problem with its parts - the leaves don't get along well with the flowers, and vice versa.

You can pinch back the flowers and the leaves should proliferate again. Also check if it's root bound, and try a different location with more (or less) sunlight. If your house gets dry through the winter, be sure to mist your Persian Shield regularly.

Personally, I wasn't too fond of the flowers so I always pinch mine back. That kept the leaves full, thick, and beautiful!

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